Monday, October 4, 2010

Time to plan

It's official; I need to devise a plan. I seem to be aimlessly trying to lose weight each day and getting extremely frustrating because I have no direction with anything at the moment. Today was just not good enough.

What I ate:
- 1 diet yogurt with 8 blueberries (100 cal)
- 1 kiwi fruit (60 cal)
- 15 brown rice crackers with hommus (150 cal)
- 1 veggie pattie with sour cream (150 cal)
- 1 protein bar (140 cal)
- Salad with haloumi (150 cal)
- Spinach pie (200-300 cal??)
- 2 coffees with equal
- 1 tea
- 2 litres of water

Urgh it seems like so much when I write it all down. The only positive is that it was mainly healthy. I didn't get to do any exercise because I was busy writing my essay and then it was raining when I was planning to go running which is extra annoying. Now all I can think of is making a plan as to how I'm going to lose this weight. I've been tossing around ideas in my head all day but I just don't know which one I should do, I need something that I can stick to for the most part so that I don't end up on a junk food binge.

I was thinking about fasting but I know that won't last, and as soon as I start eating I'll put the weight on. I will probably fast just before my birthday though but until then I'm thinking something along the lines of a restriction and exercise plan. I was considering eating 500 calories one day and then 1000 the next, then 500, 1000 etc etc. Maybe it would help keep my metabolism on it's toes? I'd be exercising as well. I could try it this week and see if it works and then if it doesn't try something else. I am so goddamn indecisive with everything in my life and it's fucking annoying!

When I got to my lowest weight last time it was mainly because I was really sick. But then I enjoyed it so much that I had to find a way to maintain it. I used to have a coffee for breakfast, apple for a snack, plain salad with a diet v or red bull for lunch, and vegetables for dinner. If I got hungry I'd eat sugar free jelly. I'd go to the gym and workout doing cardio as well. I was so motivated and dedicated. Maybe I should just start following that plan again, after all it did work the first time around. Oh how I miss being 50kg...

I'm going to ponder ideas about a plan and post when I decide. No idea what the scale will say tomorrow, I can only hope I'm down.

Stay strong,


  1. Your old plan after getting sick sounds like a really good one. You get what you need and no more, also it's structured and easy to follow. And sugar free jelly is the best. I eat it like every other day cause I get sugar and dessert cravings.

    The whole 500-1000-500-1000 thing sounds nice, but won't have any effect on your soon as you hit under the 1200 mark per day it's going to slow anyway. People always think it slows HUGELY, but it really doesn't - it only slows a little. So you really shouldn't worry too much about your metabolism. Although it's completely up to you, I'd go with the 'post-sickness' plan you've tried before and do that till you can't anymore - then devise another plan. Knowing exactly WHAT you're going to eat on a day to day basis is better than saying 'i can eat whatever as long as it's under 500', because you want to make food become unimportant - which means eliminating decisions and stopping asking yourself questions like 'what do I feel like?'

    Sorry for the long post! Keep motivated! We'll be skinny soon.


    This is a great program, I actually don't want to be able to do 100, kinda don't wanna be buff, but some muscle is good, it burns fat after all. And it's great to be able to have some alternative workouts to do in your room for those rainy days.
    (I do girl pushups unless I'm looking to hurt, cardio for your arms lol)
    Good luck girly ;)

  3. hey sweetheart, very nice blog!

    ive got a new one and perhaps u want to follow. it would be really nice.

    wish u the best, hugs


  4. Last month I was thinking about the cabbage soup diet you can lose 10 pounds in a week, I'm thinking about doing in January to jumpstart my weight loss and motivate me :D good luck